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Build Fund I

Celtx began with the simple idea of taking a range of film production processes—from script writing, to production notes and set designs—and moving them from paper to digital. Celtx’s platform brings together everything a video project needs including scripts, storyboards, shot lists, scene breakdowns, budgets, schedules and more. It allows people working on a production to collaborate in real time. Today, the cloud based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Celtx platform is used by about 4 million people. Celtx is based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Introhive brings the power of data science to enterprises looking to make the most of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. CRMs are only as accurate as the data they contain. Many CRMs promise that they are easy to use, but then sales reps and others get bogged down by inaccurate data and the time required to manually input records. Introhive solves this problem by bringing relationship intelligence into CRMs with data automation and enhanced sales acceleration. Introhive analyzes all of the relationships inside an organization and maps them together. This leads to internal collaboration on key account insights and warm introductions.

Food production is a multi-trillion dollar global business. Resson Aerospace has developed new technology to help agricultural producers improve crop yields and profits. Resson Aerospace’s solution integrates large-scale cloud-based data analytics with sensor fusion and robotic platforms such as drones, delivering customized precision agricultural solutions for their clients. The Resson Agricultural Management and Analytics System (RAMAS™) is a data-driven solution that gives agricultural producers an invaluable view of their field conditions and crop production. The company is already working with some of the world’s largest agricultural producers. Resson Aerospace is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Smart Skin Technologies helps manufacturers monitor packaging pressure during production, improving efficiency, reducing wastage and minimizing downtime. Smart Skin’s state-of-the-art system measures line pressure and 3D orientation in glass, can, PET, and many secondary and tertiary packaging lines. By embedding the Smart Skin Quantifeel™ sensor into a bottle or packaging drone in the production line, plant operators and managers can watch the pressure and orientation results in real-time. Up to 1000 pressure sensors provide a complete picture of the location and extent of surface pressure in problem areas, and dynamic 3D orientation shows you exactly what is happening to your products. An intuitive interface and one-click reporting function makes it easy for manufacturers to assess, understand, and act on the information quickly, reducing downtime and product failure. Smart Skin Technologies is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Toronto-based InteraXon develops engaging experiences using brainwave-sensing technology. InteraXon’s first product is Muse, a brain fitness tool that measures a user’s brain waves using finely calibrated electroencephalography (EEG) sensors. The Muse application, which is available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices, guides the user through a focused-attention training exercise that generates real-time feedback. Muse is available from major retailers including Best Buy in Canada and the United States, Indigo, Amazon, Marbles, Fry's, and Gaiam. Muse is also used in brain research at 40 research institutions across North America including the Mayo Clinic, MIT, Berkeley and UCL.

Ottawa and Saint John, NB-based AirVM delivers a complete business management platform that empowers solution providers, managed service providers and independent software vendors to sell their cloud services through any go-to market model. AirVM’s AirSembly platform is recommended by VMware, is vCloud Powered and VMware Ready certified.

icejam is evolving free-to-play mobile gaming. Founded by former EA Mobile leader Stuart Duncan, icejam is creating better mobile games using its proprietary Playable DataTM platform to create engaging games that constantly change based on real world events, from hyperlocal to global. Icejam is based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Fiddlehead Technology helps food and beverage companies improve their forecasting performance. The company’s flagship product, Forecast Guardian™, provides recommendations on how to maintain more accurate forecasts with less effort. The results are lower inventory, higher service levels and bigger margins. Fiddlehead is based out of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Halifax-based Dash Hudson is an analytics firm focused on the popular Instagram platform. Serving the luxury, fashion, travel, food, beauty and publishing industries, Dash Hudson’s analytics deliver deep insights on branded content performance and audiences. The platform enables brands to track and understand account growth, post performance and interactions with followers and influencers. Brands can also measure the results of their ambassadors, influencers and gifting programs. The company's technology provides unequalled data on engagement and audience growth, letting brands maximize the ROI of their Instagram marketing programs.

Spring Loaded is developing unique, proprietary knee bracing technologies in order to enhance the power output of the quadriceps muscles. The benefits of this technology include reduced fatigue and heightened endurance for athletes, and increased mobility, reduced joint compression and reduced pain for individuals with knee injuries or osteoarthritis. Spring Loaded Technology is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Money Finder is a financial technology company that specializes in Cash Flow Planning™ training for financial professionals. Its Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ designation includes specialized software that allows financial professionals to generate written standardized cash flow plans. The Money Finder’s approach blends technology and an understanding of human behaviour to help financial professionals give clients advice they will follow and keep up for life. The company has clients throughout North America.

Manifold is the easiest way to find and manage essential developer services. It gives clients the freedom to use their favorite services with any cloud in one platform so they no longer have to sacrifice quality for ease of use. The company is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and San Francisco, California.

Radient 360 (r360) is an energy sector technology company offering a range of operational solutions for the oil and gas sector. It delivers 100% data accuracy, 100% asset visibility, and real-time reporting that enables reactive and predictive management of critical infrastructure.

Build Fund II

ProcedureFlow, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, redefines the delivery of training and customer experience learning in the workplace. The software delivers complex processes and learning materials through an intuitive flow system – reducing training time, increasing customer experience scores, and ensuring best practices are maintained across its clients’ organizations.

Potential Motors is a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence to boost automotive safety and performance. Its RallyAI Vehicle Control System works with the latest electric control and sensing hardware to provide an unprecedented level of driving capability, vehicle resilience, safety, comfort and confidence.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Beverly Hills, California-based Arcturus is the global leader in authoring, editing and distributing volumetric videos. With tools to edit, compress and stream volumetric video at scale in today's spatial era, Arcturus is revolutionizing the immersive content experience, from viewing live sports in holographic form, experiencing photorealistic visual performances, engaging with interactive digital assistants to interacting online with products in 3D.

Sydney, Nova Scotia-based Talem Health Analytics is transforming insurance claims management by placing in-depth, scientific injury analysis at the insurers' fingertips from the very start of a claim. This enables the insurer to better understand injury likelihood, suitable treatment protocols and recovery timeline to make data-driven claims management decisions.

Securicy simplifies information security and privacy management for B2B software companies selling into large enterprises and highly regulated industries. Customers rely on the Securicy platform to provide structure, guidance, automation, and expertise to turn security from a risk to a competitive advantage, especially as their company grows.

Saint John, New Brunswick-based TrojAI is a cybersecurity firm dedicated to building cybersecurity solutions to enhance and protect AI innovations from both naturally occurring and adversarial "data poisoning" and "model evasion" attacks which can adversely influence model behaviors.

PayTic offers a new solution that streamlines back-office operations and risk control of digital payments. PayTic offers an all-in-one solution that centralizes the program management for banks, FinTechs and credit unions so they don't need to navigate siloed technologies and systems to reconcile payments, detect frauds, manage disputes and fill in regulatory reports.